Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Make De-Cluttering the First Step in Your New Year’s Resolution

Every year, most of us start out with new intentions for our lives or careers and label them “New Year’s Resolutions.” Whether this resolution is to lose weight, stop smoking, or find the person of your dreams your success could be tied directly to the physical space around you. A cluttered and disorganized area clutters your thoughts and good intentions and creates chaos and confusion. If you’ve found yourself struggling to achieve new resolutions or goals, clutter in the area around you may be to blame.

Imagine yourself in the middle of your cluttered space. Things are piled around you and finding anything resembles a search and rescue mission. Your to-do list is out of control and there are important items you need but can’t find. How are you feeling? Stressed? Over whelmed? Burdened? Are you feeling focused and ready to tackle anything new? I’m guessing not.
Now imagine yourself sitting in a room that is clean, organized and functions smoothly. Books are neatly on the shelf, papers are filed away, and anything you need is easily accessible and at your fingertips. How do you feel in this place? Calm? Productive? In control? Do you feel empowered and energized? You bet!

Being organized frees up the mind and lets you focus on your intentions. When your home is full of things you don’t want, don’t need, or broken it affects the energy around you. Positive energy equals positive results. Start with clearing the clutter and create a space that supports those results. Then get “Feng Shui-ing” and begin manifesting your desires!
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Happy New Year!
Brenda Spangrud